On my recent trip to Seattle I started a love affair – and my husband approves. Yup, I became reacquainted with Sriracha and fell  in love. At the Creative Live workshop I attended, one of the daily afternoon snacks was Sri-Ranch-A dip with sugar snap peas: it’s now my favourite go-to afternoon pick-me-up. So good, so creamy, so crunchy, so cool: you know what we’re eating during the Super-Bowl today…Seattle Seahawks Sri-Ranch-A!!

avocado ranch dressing by The Everyday Epicurean

Sri-Racnh-A Dip by The Everyday Epicurean

There’s no real recipe for this, I simply took the base Avocado Ranch dressing that I featured with my 12th Man Sriracha Wings, omitted the blue cheese and put in as much sriracha and black pepper as I could stand. mmmmmmm…delicious!

Sri-Ranch-A Dip with Sugar Snap Peas
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