NOTE: This is an old post…but as I am launching on this new platform I wanted to include it as the trip meant so much to me:

Last week was life changing. Literally. I was given the amazing opportunity to attend a fantastic photography workshop in Charleston, SC — ‘Photo Camp’ as one of my roommates dubbed it — a four day event filled with food, photos and more fun than should be allowed.

The course was taught by four amazing instructors — a talented and diverse crew that included the incomparable food photog Helene Dujardin of Tartelette fame, documentary food photography goddess Clare Barboza, wicked cool and ridiculously talented food-stylist Tami Hardeman, and on-site chef extraordinaire Laura Vein of Small Batch Bakery (seriously…her Cherry Almond Jam in itself will alter your reality). These four women completely changed the way I view food. From origin to preparation to styling to light — food now has a life of its own and as much personality as any of my favourite human subjects. This blogpost marks a shift: a huge leap in my own life story. And for that I owe a debt of gratitude to the talented women that have set me on this new path. I know what I want — I will follow this dream. This insert is a tribute and a thanks to them, and to my roommates who reminded me that camaraderie in passion is a powerful fuel.

Charleston Food Photography Workshop