I blame the yoghurt. No really…if there is one thing that the UK does exceptionally well (above all of the other obvious things), it’s producing amazing yoghurt. I can’t get enough of the stuff and am always looking for ways to eat more. Granola was a natural progression: being pregnant I’ve had a hankering for crunchy salty-sweet things, so adding this to my yoghurt (yes, not adding yoghurt to my granola) was undoubtedly unavoidable. Buying high quality, low sugar granola can get expensive, and honestly, the taste and texture of the fresh, home-made stuff is infinitely more satisfying and delicious. Plus you know exactly what’s going into it – I like to keep track of just how much sugar our family is taking in – not obsessively or anything, but there’s no point in overdoing it where it’s not necessary.

As for flavours, there are no hard and fast rules here…I encourage you to mix it up and add in whatever you have on hand or whatever you’re craving at the time. This version is my “Salted Almond*, Cranberry & Maple”, but as long as the majority of proportions stay the same, you can mix the ingredients up in endless variations. I love the “Tropical Twist” as well which uses desiccated coconut; dried papaya, mango, and banana; and honey instead of the Maple Syrup. For those with a sweet tooth [read: chocoholics] try the “Choco-Banana-Oat”: replace dried fruits with coarsely chopped dark chocolate and dried banana chips. Top with real vanilla yoghurt and you’re in heaven! This one is my current obsession, but once it’s gone the next batch will probably be a “Nutella” inspired chocolate-y hazelnut version. Depends on where these 9th month ‘must have’ desires lead me.

*we have an anaphylactic nut allergy in the house so I like to use Blue Diamond Almonds when I can as they are guaranteed not to be cross contaminated. If you’re looking for dairy and allergen free chocolate, I also highly recommend the Enjoy Life brand – it’s been a lifesaver (literally) for our family.


Low Sugar Granola
Servings Prep Time
7-8cups 5 minutes
Cook Time
25-30 minutes
Servings Prep Time
7-8cups 5 minutes
Cook Time
25-30 minutes
  • 4cups organic large steel cut oats
  • 2cups mixed seeds: pumpkin, sunflower, flax, etc.
  • 1cup dried cranberries
  • 1cup Blue Diamond (or other) salt roasted almonds - roughly cut
  • 1/4cup EVOO
  • 1/4cup maple syrup
  1. Mix the oats, seeds, and nuts together. Add the olive oil and maple syrup and stir well. Reserve fruit (or chocolate) for later.
  2. Line your largest rimmed cookie sheet with parchment and spread the mixture in as thin a layer as possible. Bake at 350F (170C) for 25-30 minutes making SURE to flip, mix and stir every 3-4 minutes or so - you definitely don't want to burn this.
  3. Once the mixture is evenly golden brown, remove from oven and pour ingredients into a large mixing bowl to stop baking. Stir in the fruits or chocolate and set to cool (if using chocolate it will melt a bit here - which is a good thing!).
  4. Once cooled completely, store granola in airtight jars and devour at leisure. Mixture will keep for at month in a cool, dark spot.


Easy Low Sugar Granola
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