Ok, this isn’t a foodie post, but in the interest of launching the new blog and getting back into writing, I wanted to put something out there. My family and I just came back from a week long whirlwind tour of Ireland and while I spent most of the time just ‘being’ there, I did remember to pull out the camera a couple of times.  These are just a few snaps from what was a brilliant time, and the next time I go back it will definitely be to do a food tour.  Dublin is a hotbed of foodie goodness and, having the kids in tow, I could only glimpse most of it from the outside, but it’s not just the beer that’s better anymore – chic bistros, mega modern eateries, and hipster coffee houses galore abound. If you’re headed that way be sure to check out Lemon Jelly for a brilliant bunch, Mary’s Bar & Hardware, for some serious mixology, and The Market Bar for chilled out (and family friendly) tapas to die for. Oh – and the BEST ice-cream on the planet can be found at Murphy’s Ice Cream Shop – handmade in Dingle…our new favourite place! Oh Dublin, we’ll be back soon!

Good ol’ Dublin Town
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