This post just makes me happy…and sad at the same time. The dairy industry, well, the food industry in general is in a sad state of affairs; we’ve forgotten where our food comes from, what it really costs to produce it, and who we share this planet with. Animals are dependant on us, we’re dependant on animals – it’s not a primordial food chain, it’s a partnership, one that gets taken for granted all too often.  I do not hold to the arrogance that we as humans are superior, and thus the world and its creatures ours to do with as we wish. As a family we made the switch to organic milk a few years back when my first son was weened, but it’s not enough. After I watched this video for the first time I asked myself some hard questions: who was I to deny animals the basic right to happiness? and who was I to judge which animals upon the planet deserved happiness?

I realise that change comes slowly but it can start somewhere, and for my children (and the cows) I’d like it to start for us now. The next step for us will be to get our own cows, to love them, to calf them, to give them the life we hope they want to lead. I want them to be happy, pure and simple. This is what happy cows look like.

Fast Tube by Casper

Happy Cows
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